Our Framework Help You!

Step 1: Assessments & Full Audit of your CV & LinkedIn Profile


Step 2: Identifying Competencies and Highlights your Hard & Soft Skills


Step 3: Discuss Your Values, Achievements & Career Goals


Step 4: Crafting Your Stories with our Own Methodologies


Step 5: Propose & Evaluate your Ideal Target Companies & Jobs


Step 6: Create & Build Your Personal Branding @ LinkedIn


Step 7: Practice Networking, and Interviewing for your Career Development and Job Search


Step 8: Employment Tactics, e.g. How to pass ATS, Negotiate Better Salary, HR process, etc...

This is 60 Minute LIVE sessions (face to face via Zoom Meeting) together with James Lee and Keith Lau


The Call is ALL About You, helping you to build your Career Strategies, Stand Out in the market and guide you the Job Search Tactics with Live Demo to WIN during this Crisis!!


You will need to provide your Full Resume, LinkedIn Profile and Complete the Personal Assessment Form prior when you join the Zoom Call. We will be able to provide instant feedback directly to help you for the following:

- Your Competencies

- Craft Your Stories

- Cover Letter

- Resume

- LinkedIn Profile

- Interview Guidance

- Job Search Direction

- Personal Branding Advice

LIVE Mastermind Call

Enjoy the 1 Hour via ZOOM together with James Lee and Keith Lau! With Just USD49.99 - as LIMITED Offer Today!

Date/Time: JUNE 18, 2020 (Thursday) at 9PM HKT (UTC+8)

What Exactly You Will Get:

- 360 Complete Assessment of Your Personal Profile

- The Complete Cheatsheet after our Mastermind Call
- Revised CV & LinkedIn Profile to help your Job Search

  • Financially and legally trained, seasoned corporate executive with 20 years hands-on experience in finance, legal and compliance.

    James LEE, Fortune 500 MBA Coach

  • Author, Speaker, LinkedIn Influencer with 34K+ Followers, Former Head of Talent Acquisition, and with 15 years MNCs working Experience!

    Keith LAU, Your Recruitment Adviser

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