Hello! My name is Keith LAU~
I'm Your Recruitment Adviser!


Are you looking for a Job Change within 30 days??


What if I could teach you life-changing career skills:

  • How to get hired in 3 weeks, where I’ll decode everything with you, what exactly how I did it in my younger days and support you weekly via Zoom?
  • How to secure your Interview and get warm replies from the HR and/or Hiring Managers within hours, so that you don’t need to keep sending your CVs again?
  • Secrets for you to know how you can Get the BEST possible salary, Game the ATS System, and how to use LinkedIn to approach Anyone that will help you to find your Dream Job?


YOU Will Have Direct Access & Support from Me - Weekly!!

My students are able to follow my program, and I’m sure the next success is – YOU!


By the end of my proven 30 Days “Get Back to Work” Program, I can also accelerate your job search results in 4 days. Basically, I’ll transfer my brain to you and ensure your success with my 10+ years recruitment experience to help and support you.


As my Inner-Circle Members, you will also enjoy LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls on Saturday (and all the Recordings) and ASK Me Anything! You will also have my Book – "Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in A Month!" and All Other Resources Toolkit Bundled in a Lifetime Access Membership Site.


So if you follow My Framework and All My Support weekly, not only you can save your time, you don’t need to worry or trial and error anymore, but also, you will achieve this:



✔ Create a Perfect Killer CV (Resume);
✔ A Disruptive Cover Letter;
✔ LinkedIn Profile that stand out and build your Personal Branding;
✔ Well Prepare and Excel for your next Interview;
✔ Knowledge to Interact with HR/ Recruiters and Hiring Managers;

✔ How to Uncover the Secret Job Market Without CVs or Applying;
✔ Step by Step Blueprint that I've used to help more than 650 people;
✔ Completely changed your Recruitment Mindset;
✔ Define your Career Development Strategy & Job Search Direction;
✔ Ultimately, able to change your careers and land your Dream Job within 30 days.

Let me partner with you and holding your hand during this crisis and tough journey!

All My Support, Resources & Tools that I developed bundle together in My Inner Circle Membership site can help you! Apart from the Live Zoom Group Coaching Call, What Exactly You Will Discover and Get after 4 Days if you complete my 30 Days Program:

Day 1 - Your LinkedIn Profile Ready and Gain Clarity on your Career
Day 2 - Your Perfect Resume Ready and Creative Ways to Find Jobs
Day 3 - Equip & Practice Your Interview Skills with My Winning Steps
Day 4 - Negotiate the BEST Salary Offer & Clarity in all the HR Process

About My 30 Days Career Program? What does it look like??

About My New Book - Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in A Month!

Join My 365 Days Inner-Circle Support Program to Have My Support for YOU... What's Included?

LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls on Every Saturday!
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Want to Know My Story? And How Can I Help You?

LinkedIn Influencer with 79K+ Followers, Former Head of Talent Acquisition, and 10+ Years of Recruitment Experience!


I'm also Author, Speaker, Top 48 World QS Rank University Careers & Employability Consultant, and active in Volunteer Activities. I wrote a Book - "Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in A Month!" & Developed a proven 30 Days "Get Hired" Program.

In my younger days, I've applied & interviewed for more than 300 jobs... but then... I have hired and helped more than 450 people landed their dream job! Because I found out the "ONE IMPORTANT THING and the WINNING FORMULA". In total, I have conducted more than 6000 Interviews. Besides, as an HR practitioner, I'm still reading 800 CVs per month! And I'm still recruiting and working at University to help young people, providing Career Coaching services to Graduating Students.


I started my LinkedIn Presence in Dec 2019 and enjoy an International client base with my Masterclasses and LIVE Webinars being watched over by 680+ people from all 5 Continents. In just 3 months, my posts generated more than 2.33 million views, I gained 16,000 followers and maxed out of 30,000 connections on LinkedIn as well.

The most important part - LIVE ZOOM Group Coaching Calls

Let me tell you, every week during my 30 Days Program, we have hosted 5 ZOOM Group Coaching Call (from 40 mins to 1 hour).

I started doing this in April 2020 and upon joining my Inner Circle, you will also have all the Recordings in the Membership Site!!


In every call, you will have 30 mins Advanced Mini-Masterclass + Q&As + 30 mins Review CV session!

And everyone type their questions in the chat, unmute themselves, talk directly and share their screen as well.

For Each Zoom Calls, it is worth USD147 (Because I charge for USD97 for 25 mins Quick Phone Consultation!!)


You will get ALL my Zoom Calls and Recordings with different topics since Apr 2020. During my 30 Days Program, Topics below:

Week 1 - Beyond Your Job Search (will introduce some new ideas for your job search)


Week 2 - Review Your CV (share the most important elements in your CV & stand out)


Week 3 - Perform Well in your next Interview (talk about the Winning Steps to Prepare)


Week 4 - HR Secrets & Salary Offers (mentioned how you can fight for a better salary!)


Graduation - HR Process you need to know (tell you to understand the recruiting cycle)

My CV Guide Book

My Cover Letter Template

My Interview Tips & Guide

MORE Tools available for You!! If... this is Your Commitment to Start Our Relationship!!


Bonus: What you can download instantly:

✔ My Proven 30 Days "Get Back to Work" Program  (USD297)

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✔ My CV Guide Book  (USD47)

✔ My Interview Guide  (USD47)

✔ My Cover Letter Template  (USD47)

✔ My ATS-Free Resume Template  (USD97)

✔ Tips and Guide for Goal Settings  (USD17)

✔ MORE - 300+ Interview Questions Banks  (USD27)

✔ 30 Essential Behavioral Interview Questions Guide  (USD27)

✔ 40 Favorite Interview Questions with Expert Answers & Guide  (USD17)

✔ Exclusive videos and posts that you cannot find elsewhere, only in my membership site;

✔ Constantly adding Videos and Tips in Membership Area where you can't find elsewhere  (Priceless!)

I'm just thinking... Who is the best person to Provide Guidance for YOU?

Here are the Demo Answers and to accelerate your thinking...

Because Job Search can be tough now, you may need at least 6 to 9 months...

So, who has USD$2,830.99 to SPEND? I bet this is NOT You!

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Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

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Career-related Resources Toolkit & eBooks - $0

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versus - My 'Career Coach' Friends

Private Career Coaching Session - $497/hr

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Review - $297

Interview Skills & Preparation Help - $497/hr

Masterclass (and Career-related Courses) - $29.99

Career-related Resources Toolkit & eBooks - from $19

Networking Opportunities - Not Available

What I want you to do next...

I'm so confident you'll find my 365 Days Inner-Circle & Membership Site are helpful, useful and valuable to you! JOIN TODAY and GET STARTED by having your RESUME, COVER LETTER and LINKEDIN profile reviewed. By joining ALL the Zoom Group Coaching Calls, Watch ALL My Masterclasses and Download My Resources Toolkit developed, this will definitely help you change your career! You will also change your Recruitment Mindset & learn All the Secrets from Me!! So that you don't need to worry about the Economic Situation Anymore!

Starter Package

Monthly Plan, Cancel Anytime!


  • Saturday: Join LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls

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  • UNLIMITED Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and Interview skills feedback

  • BONUS: My Personalized Career Assessment Program for Free
    (USD 37)

Professional Package

Subscribe - Three Months Plan


  • Saturday: Join LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls

  • FREE All My Current & Future Masterclasses

  • FREE Resources Toolkit, Private Facebook Group, and MORE...

  • My Book and 30 Days "Get Back to Work" Program + Life Time Membership Site Access

  • UNLIMITED Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and Interview skills feedback

  • BONUS: My Personalized Career Assessment Program for Free
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  • BONUS: FREE My LinkedIn Review Program for you!
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Executive Package

Subscribe - 1 Year Annual Plan


  • Saturday: Join LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls

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  • My Book and 30 Days "Get Back to Work" Program + Life Time Membership Site Access

  • UNLIMITED Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and Interview skills feedback

  • BONUS: My Personalized Career Assessment Program for Free (USD 37)

  • BONUS: FREE My LinkedIn Review Program for you!
    (USD 97)

  • BONUS: My Review CV and LinkedIn Checklist (USD47) + Resources & Masterclass with Other Career Coaches (USD147)

Your Ideal nextRoles?

My Mission and Goal:

I help job seekers get hired, secure more offers, unleash their potential so that they can find their passion, enjoy their work, and can reclaim their career and their relationship!


Let me partner with you, and work closely for 365 Days! OK?


I have more than 37 LinkedIn Recommendations... and...

I strongly recommend you to know more 'About Me'...

Watch my Story: Journey to Recruitment (below)


Keep in Touch! Get Ready to Help You!! ❤


Let my students tell you their stories & what do they think!

Keith helped me to clarify a strategy of career development. Even through a quick assessment, he was extremely efficient to identify priorities and to provide personalized advices in response to my needs. Considering also his friendly and heartening temper, I strongly recommend him as an ideal guide for career development and change.

Francesco Bogoni

Architect - Urban Planner, PhD Student

Career management is critical in particular in this dynamic world. In my conversation with Keith, he was sharp in providing suggestions from both strategic and tactical perspectives, and in sharing market trends. All in all, Keith is surely a trusted advisor to speak with in career planning.



Thomas Sum

Global Finance Director, Pacsafe
Hong Kong

Keith is attentive and insightful to the matters I raised to him. He provides constructive feedback and pragmatic solutions to address the issues. Definitely you can count on him for HR recruitment and mentoring.





Jerad Tan

General Manager, CAP

Had a pleasure to be Keith's client. His services are very insightful and of high value. For those job seekers out there, I recommend his services.

Purichmun Low

MS Aerospace Engineering Graduate


Keith is an expert of career tools and help beyond boundaries. I just want to thank him for his valuable and professional feedback on my resume.

Yacouba Triande

Director, Customer Experience, Orange
Burkina Faso

Piyush Kumar

Systems Engineer, Infosys


Keith is best recruitment adviser. His advises and ideas about getting interviews calls and also cracking interviews are totally out of the box from general ways. I recommend everybody to take recruitment help from Keith at least once, no matter from which field you are, Keith will definitely help you.

Andy Leung

Sales Manager, Danone

Hong Kong

Keith gave me quite a good advise on my career development and how to revise my CV. No matter if you are looking for job or not, I think it is worth to spend some time and talk to Keith for some professional advise.

Coaches Partnered with Me!

Just to let you know, I have worked with other coaches to provide more value to you!!

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Canada; 165,000+ followers

James Fok

Hong Kong; 55,000+ followers

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India; 53,000+ followers

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Frequently asked question!

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Will this program work for me? 30 Days "Program" is too long for me?

What kind of people will achieve the results you've mentioned?

What's the difference between Professional Level and the Executive Level package?

Are there additional or hidden charges for services like career coaching?

What is the difference between monthly and annual plan?

Do you successfully work with people from my country or industry or special job title?

Are resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn reviews included?

How fast should I expect responses from You, from the Recruitment Adviser?

Do you have any coaching team and who are the Recruitment Adviser?

Keith Lau, M.Sc., B.B.A. (Hons.) in H.R.M.

With more than 15 years’ working experience with several listed, world-renowned multinational corporations, and at least 6 years in team leading positions. Keith was the Head of Talent Acquisition at Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Institute, Group HR Manager (Resourcing) for A.S. Watson Group (Asia), and worked in the HR/Recruitment function with world-known banks, such as UBS and HSBC.


Keith Lau has exposure and knowledge in recruitment at different angles:
- In-house HR (from Recruitment Specialist, Manager to Head of Talent Acquisition)
- Recruitment Agency (from Recruitment Consultant, Manager to become the Owner)
- All-level & types of Permanent & Contracting roles + Recruitment Process Outsourcing


I don't realize the potential...


Frankly speaking in Dec 2019, I don't realize LinkedIn's potential... Now I helped people around the world, I never imagine I can work with amazing people and assist someone at Burkina Faso find his Customer Experience Director role. 


Recruitment skill is universal...


Do you believe that people who have joined one of my Programs or watch my Webinars were coming from: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Venezuela, Croatia, Solvenia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines.


Some countries I don't even know where they located until I Google it! Would you agree it is amazing for me to help people in need?


  • APR


  • MAR


  • DEC


  • FEB


  • JUL


  • APR


  • FEB


I want to be the right person for you to partner with and hand-holding you to Jumpstart your Career!


Please contact me if you wish to hire, explore opportunities in the market or keep in touch for further assistance such as how to utilize & optimize your LinkedIn, etc... Just ASK Me Anything via LinkedIn!!

WHY Work with Me?



I realize this is very inexpensive... so you might wonder what the "catch" is.


And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program or steal your credit card details, etc..


This isn't one of them.


There's NO hidden charges! I’m literally helping people and giving you the best experience! First of all, you can talk to me directly via ZOOM on Saturday. Secondly, if you are disappointed, simply you could write posts or comments to bad mouth me anytime on LinkedIn! I will then lose all the reputation. Correct?


So, what I am doing is "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value. Because I know the pain as Job Seekers before! My hope is that you'll find your ideal nextRoles, love my program and this will be the start of a good relationship for 365 Days to come.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

Time is of the essence!

In most cases, I 'take a loss' when doing the Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls.


Before that, I could easily charged USD97 for each CV review and people paid my Full Coaching session (USD597).


So why would I do that?


Simple. I'm making this offer with the idea to help people, and expand my network to work with someone that you can trust and you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll certainly recommend me on LinkedIn in the future, and then refer some more friends to join my Program. That's what I am looking for to help more people, continuing support you, guide you steps by steps, and make you to smile again!


Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited offer.

You're Also Getting a Life-Time Access Membership Site and Join My Private Facebook Group, Free


And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for you to become my Inner Circle Friends! And you are happy with my Book, my 30 Days Program, my Zoom Coaching Call and other resources. In fact, I think it's…

The Boldest Guarantee In The World!!


I, 100% Guarantee you'll love & learn a lot from me, with my support and all the framework.. So even if you cancel your subscription, I hope we can still be friends! You can still access the Membership site, and enjoy my Video, Tips and Posts updated regularly. That's right! You don't even have to leave the Private Facebook Group as well. 


How's that for fair?

This is Truly a "Limited Offer" so Register and Join My Program before I decided to change my mind or increase my charges substantially!


Click the "Sign Up" button before they're all gone! I will see you: Inside!!


If you are still unsure and have any concerns, feel free to chat with me anytime, with all my personal contacts below:

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