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TOPIC: How to be Recession-Proof During COVID-19?


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NOW... may I ask you a quick question? Do you know how to Edit Your CV and Present your Profile? Are you applying 100+ jobs but No Feedback?? Do you know... HR only spends 6-7 seconds and sometimes rely on the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to scan your CV? Here... you have my FREE Resume Cheat Sheet so you can go through your CV today; AND you may consider to get my ATS-Free CV Template in order to help you to create a Perfect, Killer CV!!

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My ATS-Free CV Template

Hey... I do have something very useful to HELP You! If you failed to apply for jobs, or even tried to apply for 100+ jobs but no responses. It doesn't mean that you are not good enough, it may simply because your CV did not SELL, or your CV got automatically rejected by the system. I want to provide a Secret Weapon -- My ATS-Compliant Resume Template for You!! And this will help you to land MORE Interviews and better present your profile to HR and Hiring Managers. Click the button below to get this for Complete Help if you want more Interviews and less job applications. Use this CV template to apply for jobs and you will see the results, you will be happy to land a job you like!

Do you know?? Nowadays, many companies are using Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to toss your application, and NO matter how hard you tried, keep changing and submitting 100+ CVs, your application will still go nowhere and no feedback at all. YES, the reason why is that, even HR will not look at your CV and you will just receive a "No-Reply" automatic rejection email. So after my 10+ years of recruitment experience, reviewing 800 CVs every month, I have FIGURED IT OUT the Winning Formula and the most important thing to help you! The Resume Format that can present your glory and help you to secure Unlimited Interviews! We have helped more than 2,871+ Job Seekers, and if you have this template right now... simply you can use it, apply it immediately, and increase your chances! Also, I have provided my explanation in my Resume Template, that can help you stand out from your Competition!! My students applied my Resume Template, they all have received Interviews from Global 500 Companies, Investment Banks, Big 4 Accounting Firms, Listed companies, and their dream companies/ ideal employers, etc... Get this ATS-Free Resume Template now, I'm sure you will love it and you don't have to change your CV again and again. This is especially good for someone who don't know how to write their Resume!

Keith LAU - Resources

You have the option to GET My Full Career Resources on this page... apart from my ATS-Free Resume Template!! Therefore you will get my Full Career Support as well.

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- More than 300+ Common and Tough Interview Questions BANK for you... and MORE...

What else we can help? Here's Exactly What You're Getting!

– 40 mins. Resume Tutorial Class

Explain 7 Common CV Problems from the Recruiters point of view and how you should write your resume. What's the most important elements to impress your HR!

– Cover Letter Template & Sample

This 1-pager Cover Letter template and our Sample, will tell you what is the Disruptive (or Creative) cover letter to get you results, and able to help you land more Interviews!

– Interview Tips & Guide Book

What you need to prepare for your next Interviews? What are the mistakes that you have to avoid? How to tackle tough competency-based Interview questions?

– 1-hr Webinar for a Successful Career!

Partner with experienced Corporate Solutions Trainer at Dale Carnegie, we will tell you what is the most successful formula for your career and help you to grow further.

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I found the 100 minutes Masterclass very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who's finding it difficult to get job offers. I'm looking forward to getting personalized help from Keith Lau regarding CV, Linkedin profile, and other services.

Srikanth Tangirala


Keith is best recruitment adviser. His advises and ideas about getting interviews calls and also cracking interviews are totally out of the box from general ways. I recommend everybody to take recruitment help from Keith at least once, no matter from which field you are, Keith will definitely help you.

Piyush Kumar


A thoughtful person that who always willing to share their experiences and guided you to the successful way of your career path in all the time.. Any person who is seeking for help or advice, he definitely is the person who can be trustable and looking for it! ☺

Kate Teh


The Job Market will NOT be back to Normal...

Everyone is waiting for the COVID-19 to be gone and hoping everything will be back to normal.

BUT... you know that... Coronavirus disease may become endemic and might never go away like HIV.

There are lots of laid-off, retrenchment, termination, and unemployment Around the Globe.


If that might be the case, have you prepared a strategy (your plan B) & mindset for your career?

Have you check your resume and perhaps try to learn some career skills?

Are you still using the same old method, old thinking and old approach for Job search?


To be honest... Would that works? Especially for Economic downturn...

So... What Can We Do to be Recession-Proof in your Career??


This is the reason why I've prepared my ATS-Free CV Template & Package to help you during this Crisis!

You will have all the Bonuses & Support that you need for your entire Career Life!!


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